Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm a striking WGA writer with, amazingly, a bit of time on my hands all of a sudden.

Like everyone in my union , I sincerely hope the current writers' strike is resolved very soon, with a fair deal. But it's not looking that way, so we're going to need new chants on those picket lines. A lot of them. Today, on TMZ, I saw a writer trying to improvise a pro-WGA rap. It was horrible. I knew I had to act. So I've decided to do my bit for the cause by offering chants and slogans - then inviting ideas from you. Whoever you are - writer, wannabe writer, ex-writer, a fan concerned about the future of TV and film, some guy on death row who writes poems about angels - or even a guilty studio CEO - please, please click on 'comments' and add your suggestion.

Thank You.

Four Cent

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